Monday, 1 December 2008

Herbal Bath Bouquet

This is an extact from a book called Rejuvenating Recipes for Body and Soul Wellbeing by Barbara Close and photographs by Susie Cushner.

Herbal Bath Bouquet

One of the most pleasant ways to enjoy the benefits of herbs is in the bath. Gather a bundle of herbs from your herbal remedy garden selected for their therapeutic and aromatic properties. Include chamomile, a herb with a long history as a nerve sedative and therefore fitting for a soothing restorative bath after a long day outdoors. Chamomile's distinctive applelike scent is very calming mentally and emotionally, good for easing anxiety. Lavender's sedative qualities overlap with those of chamomile and together they will calm frayed nerves or ease dull aches or pains. Add a few sprigs of fresh and uplifting geranium or basil to balance the effect of this bouquet.

Gather all the herbs in a bundle and tie off with a length of cotton ribbon or string. Gently bruise or tear the leaves to release the aromatic oils. Make a loop with the excess ribbon and tie the bouquet underneath the faucet so that water flows over herbs and into the tub. Or, let the bouquet float around you as you relax in the tub.

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