Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Rock Hounds - Hunting for Carnelian in NJ

We have been wanting to go and find Carnelian for a while and we finally did it on the 28 th of June. We went again on the 12 th of July and we found bigger pieces of Carnelian.

The Carnelian is located down Stirling Road in Watchung, near the town of Millington in a river. The river is known as Carnelian Creek or Stirling Brook and is situated near some power lines (pylons).

If you go there you have to be careful of the massive holes that people have dug in an effort to obtain the Carnelian. We like to find it directly in the brook and along the muddy banks. In my opinion, digging those holes is not a good idea because they are becoming dangerous, one slight slip and down you would go and possible that you could break your ankle or something. I don't know what its doing to the land in the terms of the environment and water logging but it cant be good, that's why we only stay in the brook and not in the holes.

On the other hand, several places in NJ where you could collect crystals from have been sadly closed off from the public and collectors of gemstones so its no wonder why people are desperate to get the Carnelian from this place. I heard that this place is endangered of being closed down to the public, however if you join a rock hound club, its possible that they might know of newly found locations to find gemstones.

If somebody was to go and dig in the holes, you should not go near the houses nearby because you could get in trouble for trespassing on private property, so be careful.

I have to get round to taking pictures of the Carnelian that we found. I properly cleaned some up yesterday, (July 14th) and I have to clean the rest.

I am looking forward to going again soon, we found a spot in the brook where we found 2 nice pieces of Red Carnelian measuring just over an inch long.

NJ is not widely known as a state where there are plenty of gemstone digging locations but if you look around (not on private property of course) you might be lucky enough to find some.

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